About Us

Restaurant Tech is the hospitality industry’s premier source of records and insights associated to Technological Innovation at the world’s leading quick service, fast casual and full service restaurants. Our reporting, lookup and opinion pieces divulge how forward-thinking restaurant operators are upgrading their technological know-how competencies to enhance operational overall performance and the first-rate of the visitor experience, as properly as to reduce waste and enhance environmental sustainability, and how top solution vendors are advancing the frontier on next-generation restaurant technologies.

Restaurant Tech Research, the IT market research arm of Restaurant Tech Co, is a world leader in bench-marking best practices in technology-enabled enterprise initiatives. Our famous and authoritative Restaurant Decision Guides focal point on such hospitality-related topics as Hotel Property Management Systems, Hospitality Revenue Management, Guest Experience Management and Restaurant Management and POS Systems.

Restaurant Tech Research additionally produces co-branded eBooks and other commissioned content material assets, organizes and participates in webinars and industry events, and engages in custom lookup projects on behalf of each solution companies and enterprise practitioners.

Please contact Maria Saruli, our associate editor, at editor@restauranttech.co for any details. Even if you or a senior-level colleague would like to participate in a Spotlight Interview. An interview can be a brilliant way to help construct your private company as nicely as exhibit your restaurant as a science innovator and is No Cost associated with this opportunity.