Undigested truths of keeping up with technology


If you thought keeping up with the Kardashians seemed impossible, things take a turn for the worse when technology starts taking over the food and beverage industry. From the outside it all seems really cool and exciting, but the reality is that the fast pace of the tech industry growth is just too fast for the restaurants to chase. There’s a promising vibe in the air about things taking a turn for the better, but so far it’s been a long hard journey for everyone trying to stay ahead of the competition. The tech recipe just seems too complicated and a bit hard to digest for its guests.

Research suggests mixed feeling about the tech-meets-restaurant mash-up. The report, drafted by technology supplier Oracle Food and Beverage found that 62% of the respondents doubt the ability of keeping up with the constant advancements, with 59% showing real concerns about becoming outdated by the survivors that strive to keep up. It’s tough but not impossible, and it all boils down to what, how and where you add the tech-touch to strike the balance between the two. Falling behind at a crucial time like this, just doesn’t seem like the right move, when the world gets consumed by the powerful hold of technology. Although 1 out of 5 respondents counting up to 18% mentioned that they believe their companies are not investing on technology fast enough to get the complete benefits it offers.  

Heavily centered on the phone and tabled based technology, the industry has also had its fair share of benefits from the tech advances that have taken its effect over the years. Where 4 out of 5 executive interviewed said that their labor cost was significantly reduced with the introduction of mobile technology. A similar percentage attested that the digital drive has decreased service times and the rate of production. 93% confirmed that it has effected positively, on customer loyalty, and repeat business opportunities.  

Athough the fact remains that this crazy journey that technology has taken businesses through has become tough on the restaurant industry, leaving them a bit dizzied in the rush. It’s a fast paced race and the time you take to select the right technology for you is the same time it takes for that technology to advance to something greater. The choices are plenty and knowing what to pick becomes rather a challenging task, with the rate of growth in every element involved. Some of the greater choices made according to the research respondents are mobile inventory management solutions which 96% said have saved time and cost to the business, largely.

A hopeful atmosphere surrounds the restaurant industry, as it looks forward to keeping up its pace to catch on with the tech tornado that has left them a bit disoriented.  A positive number of 95% expect mobile tech to improve guest experience and further strengthen brand loyalty over the years.

It’s not all gloomy skies, just a few bumps along the way, until you get into the groove of things. After all you need to watch a few episodes of the Kardashians to really know what’s going on. So hold strong, the future of the restaurant industry comes with great opportunities that open up more possibilities of thinking beyond the norm.  

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