Only 48% of the restaurants are ready to monetize Technological Advancements.


According to a new survey carried out via Oracle Food and Beverage, a large share of restaurant operators are confident in their brand’s use of mobile technology. Only 48% are ready to monetize upcoming technological advancements.

The study, which polled 279 leaders in the food and beverage industry who used mobile technology at some point of the summer time of 2018, observed that 62% of the respondents expressed doubts over their potential to maintain up with the pace of cellular technological know-how changes. More than half (59%) agreed that their agency confronted the chance of disruption from their more mobile-enabled competitors.

The findings pointed to a need for eating places to embody cellular and back-end technological know-how to force greater ticket value, flip tables faster and enable upsell. It additionally observed that manufacturers should embody cellular science to avoid being outpaced by way of the competition, assist reduce labor costs and improve the visitor experience.

Restaurant operators are investing in cell technological know-how to cut costs and shop time in areas such as hiring fewer serving workforce however greater runners, retaining a close eye on stock ranges to keep away from over-ordering and waste and the ability to rapidly alternate the menu and offer specials when there is an overstock of inventory.

  • 84% of meals and beverage executives said the adoption of guest-facing apps drives down labor costs.
  • 96% agreed, with 40% strongly agreeing, that accelerated cellular inventory administration will force time and cash financial savings .Improving loyalty and the dining experience.

Today’s foodies are satiated with choices. In addition to high-quality food, what drives their loyalty is easy ordering and delivery, fast, seamless payments, and a personalised experience.

  • 86% of operators said branded cell apps elevated their velocity of carrier and therefore revenue
  • 93% stated guest-facing apps greater the visitor experience, promoted loyalty and force repeat business

Restaurants are already the usage of cell devices for table reservations, taking orders and processing payments, but what price do restaurant operators agree with will come from future cell innovations?

  • 82% said partnerships with third-party transport services like Uber Eats and GrubHub would help develop their business.
  • 89% believed check averages would expand thanks to in-app recommendations.
  • 95% said the visitor trip and customer loyalty would proceed to improve.

While most companies rated themselves as notably in a position to meet new customer demands, an undercurrent of nervousness about the future was also apparent with solely forty eight percentage of respondents reporting that they had the equipment needed to meet the mobile demands of tomorrow.

SOURCEGoing Mobile - A Benchmark of Mobility Maturity in the Restaurant Industry
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