Best Restaurant Marketing Tips


At Restaurant Tech, we not only find best-in-class technology news for restaurants –but we also help our clients make them effective. Our team of Restaurant Success Managers work with restaurants to design, develop, implement, and test marketing strategies that are all aimed at boosting sales and increasing restaurant traffic.

For the Restaurant Marketing Tips, we got some of their best ideas to share with you:

– Run a social campaign!

Tease customers via Facebook posts and with eblasts about a secret code they’ll only see if they follow you on Instagram. Post the promo code the following week and make it redeemable via your online ordering. Voila!

– Get more customers to put your app on their phone!

Have staff tell customers in line that if they show they’ve downloaded the app when they get to the front, they get a promo code valid for their first order.

– Make your pictures pop!

Use Instagram to boost your presence and build your audience. A special post on Instagram can reveal a secret discount code. Additional Instagram posts feature the Text-to-Download code and exclusive app discounts. Restaurants can use this strategy to gain followers on the most valuable social media platform. Everyone knows we eat with our eyes first! Here are some tips to take even better food photos!

– Reward loyal customers.

Send an email out to customers who have ordered 5+ times with a special “thank you” and a promo code valid towards their next online order.

– Get more people to your website in a month.

Let customers know through social media and email blasts that you are giving away a $100 gift card, and each online order that month is entered to win the contest. The more they order, the higher their odds. Announce the winner on social media at the end of the month.

– Create shareable, seasonal content.

Transform generic posts to become more engaging by including content that has a personal touch.  Have your write up useful and shareable tips/tricks and recipes for Fall meals, feature a “Fall favorite customer of the week”, and share stories of your restaurant’s journey to success with your audience. Share this with your email database, Facebook wall, and on your website. 

– Run a trendy contest.

Each week leading up to trends, invite customers to comment on your Facebook page with the costume they are wearing for Events. Pick your favorite each week to win a $20 credit towards online ordering. Bonus: if the winner posts a photo wearing their costume, you’ll give a friend of their choice $10 too (The friend must have an account online)!

– Create a Flash Sale.

Pick a specific deep pocket promotion (50% of all pizzas). Run it on a slower night to build traffic. Promote via push notifications, eblasts, and/or facebook posts. This type of campaign is great for reengaging customers who maybe haven’t reordered in a while or customers who have downloaded the apps but haven’t pulled the trigger on placing their first order. For the fall, this “flash sale” strategy could definitely be used on Cyber Monday–even more fun when paired with online ordering.

There you have it — everything you need to get started on marketing and implement advanced social strategies. If you want some feedback on your marketing strategy or a personalized marketing plan— we’re happy to help. Contact one of our experts to get started today!


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