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The Importance of Restaurant Staff

What Restaurant Owners Need to Realize

From letting into one’s house supply shipping, to stocking your cooking place, to ordering list of things, to handing your guests food, to having effect your guests “Have a pleasing, good, delicate day, see you next time!” as they walk out the door, your working group is truly the heart-rhythm of your store for taking food operations. The working group in your store for taking food are so important. Each person in each position needs to be the very most good, the thick part of milk of the years produce, the diamonds in the rough. A through much attention to detail selected and carefully managed group is one of the key factors in your store for taking food’s power to get on well.

Why place so much importance on your restaurant staff?

Unless you’re running a one-person show, you’re probably not the only one making food, giving it to customers, and cashing them out, while also covering managerial duties like inventory planning, reporting, and strategic management.

The fact is that every staff member, no matter what their position, contributes in some way to the overall guest experience.

Consider these statistics about how one bad guest experience can impact your restaurant’s reputation:

  • For each complaint brought to your attention, there are 26 other unsatisfied customers who do not bring the issue up.
  • Unhappy or angry customers will tell anywhere between 9 and 20 people about their negative experience.
  • Conversely, customers who leave with a positive experience will only tell between 4 and 6 people about their experience.

Clearly, the importance of your staff cannot be overstated. Let’s break down the impact your staff has on the guest experience:

Your Staff is an Embodiment of Your Restaurant

One great experience is enough to create a loyal customer, but one negative experience is more than enough to turn them away forever. In fact, it takes 12 positive experiences to amend one bad customer experience. A bad experience could come from a poorly-made dish by an unmotivated chef, a short-tempered remark by an impolite server, or even from an insincere greeting by your host or hostess the second your guests walk through the door. These experiences reflect poorly on your restaurant and can be avoided with smarter hiring and staff management.

Your Staff is an Extension of Yourself

Every staff member brought onto your team reflects the core values that you have established for your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you should be play a role in the training of every single person hired, since they will serve always as an extension of your values.

Your Staff is Your Biggest Investment

Have you ever hired employees, spent weeks (or even months) training them, and then saw them leave without learning a thing? You probably know that this wasted investment goes beyond wages.

At that point, you probably wished you could have saved all of the time and the money it took to train them. Finding, hiring, and training an employee can cost up to 20% of their annual salary and take hours of your time. Putting in the resources to hire the best and properly train and motivate your staff will save you more than just money in the long run.

Finding, hiring, and training an employee can cost up to 20% of their annual salary and take hours of your time

Your Staff Plays a Role in the Big Picture

If one staff member messes up or starts slacking, the balance of your operations could be thrown off for the entire shift.

Your staff is like an intricate puzzle, and one missing piece could lead to a holdup in the kitchen, long waits for customers, and a frustrated team. This means you’re left with dissatisfied guests, unhappy staff, and ultimately high turnover. Oftentimes, this can all be traced to one bad apple in the bunch.


SENTIO based in Charleston SC and provide pre-hire assessments to small businesses and franchises. The purpose of SENTIO business is to help people hire better matches for their company and ultimately reduce employee turnover and improve employee engagement.

The name SENTIO was chosen because it means to understand or feel and that’s just what we do. They understand people, cultures, and people-business fit is what we do. Through the use of AI and psycho-linguistics, they break down the human language to understand the mental makeup of a person. Then, they understand how they compare to others at a company. Then, they are able to understand through a Match Score if they will be a good fit.

They are able to help people make better hires with our Applicant Matching System, which includes a simple, 3 question, pre-hire assessment. It is backed by Artificial Intelligence to create a Success Profile based on their best employees and matches all applicants against them to see who is a great fit for your business.

The factor that makes them unique is their combined use of AI and Psycholinguistics. Plus, they offer pricing catered to the restaurant space. At only $99/month for unlimited usage, their assessments are affordable for all.

What’s interesting about the restaurant space is that it’s adapting to technology so quickly. From integrations with delivery services to mobile POS systems, the industry recognizes how technology can help. The adaptations already have paved the way for the use of technology in the hiring process, like with our assessments that are powered by AI.

One example of a customer testimonial of their’s is Hall’s Management group, which is a famous restaurant here in Charleston. In fact, the Director of Human Resources at a local Hospitality Group said the following, The reports have been impressive and useful. It has saved them from extra interviews and bad hires. One example they always use is the time they had a great phone interview with a Manager candidate. SENTIO scored this person as red, meaning they were a poor fit, but they went ahead and invited them to their offices in Charleston for an in-person interview anyway because they had all the qualifications. It took about 5 minutes for them to figure out that the person was a bad fit for the job. With SENTIO, they now only interview and hire people that have the core values, strengths, and needs of our top performers.

With the restaurant industry facing an average of 70% employee turnover, utilizing SENTIO to make the right hires the first time around is essential for every restaurant. Built exclusively for restaurants, SENTIO’s hiring tool provides hiring managers and owners with a Match Score on every job applicant based on how they compare to your current best restaurant staff members – all before you even review a resume. This means less time spent on screening and interviews, more reliable and engaged employees, and reduced turnover. 

Request to Download our E-book to learn more details;


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